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handmade wooden furniture and accessories

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About the author

Since the early childhood Mario Bocak has been surrounded by the craftmanship of his grandfather who in early 60s established his own workshop at the yard of his house and started to produce wooden flower pots and stands, tables, stools. Later he has been producing also tailor made porches or stairs. Open minded, always with a strong vision for the new and future projects there was nothing impossible for him.

Under this influence Mario has decided to study at the Vocational School of Carpetery and in 2000 he established his own company which for several years was focused on tailor made furniture. 

Carrying the heritage of timeless thinking of his grandfather and love to the wood and nature, Mario has started to think about sustainable sources of the wood for his products, the beauty of recklaimed wood or it’s natural imperfections which at the end make each product outstanding. 

Seeing the hidden potencial of the wooden material and then taking care of every piece individually, Mario's wish is to add your home a design piece which would allow you to connect with the art coming from the nature.

He makes it with love to the wood and the real craftmanship.


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