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We think sustainable during the whole process of creating our products. On the beginning there is always the sourcing of the material. We carefuly search and select such a trees or pieces of the wood which from different reasons aren't interesting for someone anymore and would like to get rid of that. The story of the side table Louis beggins there too. Louis was made of the walnut tree found in the vineyards of South Slovakia but because of the disease had to be cut out. Mario saw the potencial also in such a disfigured wood and has decided to give it a new further look and life but in a new form. He has enhaced the beauty of the grain structure by the burning method and by polishing and oil finish. He achieved the elegant and minimalistic result, simple and timeless design. Such a perfect addition to your home living space!


SKU: 1
€350.00 Regular Price
€295.00Sale Price
  • Side table/stool

    Material: Walnut

    Height: 46 cm 

    Diameter:  30 cm 

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