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Coffee table you are looking at has been made of more than one-hundred years old walnut tree. All these years have created astonishing grain pattern in it's cut, you'll be charmed and filled with a harmony it brings just by looking at it. The gap in the material happened naturally by the disease of the tree and served Mario as a space to create this glass lake shape detail. To strenghten the contrast of the black color and shades of brown Mario used the japanesse burning method Shou Sugi Ban for the edge and also for the legs of the tree. The diameter of the coffee table is approx. 90 cm, the surface is precisely polished and oiled in several layers.


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€1,790.00 Regular Price
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  • Coffee table

    Material: Walnut

    Lenght:  cm  Diameter: 90 cm 

    Height: 33,5 cm


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