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Have a look at our another favourite product - side table Totorooo. This lovely piece has been produced of an elderly walnut tree which has been for several years lying on the yard exposed to the rain and the moist. This time it's been a part of the process, the aim was to let the wood get a new structure, shadows and character. 

When Mario started to clean and process the wood he already new all the patience has paid of. He became astonished and charmed by lovely grain pattern, natural cracks and holes which has appeared in front of him. After drying the wood properly and providing all the treatment to make it healthy and ready to use Mario started to give a raw material it's rounded shape with a contrasted sharp vertical lines. Like that he achieved this stunning and gorgeous piece which is ready to make your home even more cozy and hygge place.


SKU: 00011
€450.00 Regular Price
€380.00Sale Price
  • Side table

    Material: Walnut

    Height:  46 cm  

    Diameter: 30 cm

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