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Crafted from reclaimed old oak, these two pieces were designed  to make your home even more original and cosier place. Mario chose black and darkened finish using a traditional Japanese charred wood treatment to highlight the aged character of the wood. Additionally, the surface has been treated with natural oil, which is applied in several layers by the very own method of the designer. This process makes Old Couple polished and smooth to the touch.                                

Oh, and one more thing: although both pieces come as a one product, they are variable, which brings their functunality to the next level.


SKU: 0005
€790.00 Regular Price
€690.00Sale Price
  • Unique Scorched - Shou sugi ban and oiled oak side tables

    Material: 100 years old reclaimed oak

    Size: 40,5 x 24 x 24,5 cm and 42,5 x 20 x 24,5 cm

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