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Imagine the smoothest surface and the perfect rounding ever. With Stonie Brothers, you won’t be enjoying just the visual aspect, but you’ll want to caress it constantly. This astonishing and elegant piece was made of the cut from a wallnut tree. The wood had been dried naturally for 3 years. Mario found an inspiration on the banks of the river in his home town which are covered by stones of different sizes and shapes. He used founded and selected stones as a pattern for his work. Patiently and carefully the material was grained until the desired and unique shape was achieved. Natural oil finish in three layers helps the piece to keep its smoothness and polished look.


SKU: 0006
€2,790.00 Regular Price
€2,290.00Sale Price
  • Walnut coffe table

    Material: walnut

    Size: 18 x 84 x 63 cm

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